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How to Save More Money by Using Your Brakes Less

If you are like most motorists, you are always looking for ways to save money on your maintenance bill. You may have been scouring the Internet for some advice and have implemented many of the more common nuggets of information to be found. However, you may not be as frugal as you could be when it comes to costs associated with your braking system. You can keep some of your hard-earned pennies by adjusting the way that you drive and specifically, by using your brakes less. How can this be possible?

Safety First

First and foremost, it's important to keep you and your passengers as safe as possible whenever you're on the open road. Whatever advice is contained herein, always ensure that you can bring your vehicle safely to a halt without any dramas!

Are You Always in a Rush?

Having said that, what type of driver are you normally? Do you wait until the last possible second before you firmly apply the brakes, as a matter of course? You might think this will save you some time on your daily commute, but if you were to think ahead a little bit more, then it's amazing just how you could reduce your servicing bill later.

New Driving Tips

Imagine you are on a motorway on a clear day and can see the offramp in the distance. Take your foot off the accelerator gradually some distance away, so the vehicle is doing less speed when you actually need to apply braking pressure. Did you know that you can bring a vehicle to a halt using just the power of the engine, given enough room? That may not be practical in all situations, but give this solution a go, to see how more efficient you can be.

In general driving situations, develop a habit of looking into the distance, a half kilometre or so. In busy traffic, this will give you an idea if traffic down there is slowing for any reason. You'll be able to see people periodically "dab" their brakes, but you're looking for consistent application. By doing this, you will rid yourself of the habit of tapping your own brakes, just because the vehicle right in front of you is doing the same thing, for no reason.

Excess Weight

With driving habits improved, reduce the weight of your vehicle by emptying the boot of all that junk. You don't need to carry around that extra padding and by doing so, you will put less strain on your brake pads during deceleration.

The Bottom Line

Remember that brake pads are made of friction material and will wear down through overuse. By using the brake pedal more efficiently, you'll save money in future.

Above all else, remember to take your vehicle into your mechanic on schedule, so that your brake system can be serviced properly.