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Top Tips When Hiring 4WD Vehicles

4WD vehicles are essential for off-road enthusiasts and people that work in areas such as mines or the desert. However, if you don't need a 4WD vehicle daily, 4WD fleet hire is a suitable option for short term use. The extract below provides a step by step guide on what you should consider when hiring 4WD vehicles.

Choose a Suitable Vehicle

Conduct some research about the reliability of various 4WD vehicles. It would be tragic if you hired a vehicle only for it to overheat in the middle of nowhere. Conduct some internet research on social media, car blogs and forums to know which vehicle will serve you best. Narrow down your inquiry to the terrain that you will cover. For example, while some cars can climb through rocks with ease, they perform dismally on muddy terrain. You may also opt for vehicles with driver-assist technologies such as rock crawl and hill descent assist.

What is the vehicle's ground clearance? If you expect to climb rocks along the way, choose a vehicle with high ground clearance. A lift kit may also come in handy. Inquire about the vehicle's safety. Some hire companies add roll cages and install bull bars to improve the safety of occupants. Besides, the car should have safety equipment such as a heavy-duty winch, tow straps, a high-lift jack and recovery tracks. LED lights will come in handy when driving through dusty conditions or at night. 

Hire Company

Hire the vehicle from a reputable company that is licenced to operate in your locality. Seek referrals or testimonials from people that have used such services in the past. Visit the company's premises and check the availability of the vehicle you require. Ask for a recent inspection report and the vehicle's service records to ascertain its mechanical condition. 

Terms of Hire

The company should have reasonable terms of hire. Some of your considerations should include: 

  • What would happen if the vehicle broke down as you use it? Work with a company that provides recovery services.
  • Does the company provide alternative means of transport when the car breaks down?
  • Are you allowed to extend the hire period?
  • Does the company provide an experienced driver? (This is a suitable option for people who cannot drive.)
  • Do the vehicles have a comprehensive insurance cover?


The company's pricing structure must be consistent with the current industry rates. Ask for a quote detailing the hire charges and any extra costs you might incur such as damages and cleaning fees. 

When hiring 4WD vehicles, choose a suitable vehicle, work with a reputable hire company, inquire about the terms of hire and understand the company's pricing strategy.