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Could a Nearly-New Demonstrator Be a Great Car for You?

If you've always wanted to buy a new car but could not quite stretch to the invoice price or couldn't bear the thought of all that depreciation, you may be looking for a "nearly new" one. But where can you find these, and what should you take into account as you weigh up your options? 

Registering for Demonstration

Nearly-new cars are usually models that a dealer has registered for demonstration purposes. In other words, they may have been used to entice buyers to order a brand-new vehicle and to showcase the look and feel of this make and model on the open road.

Moving on to the Next Big Thing

Car dealers will have a number of these demonstrators each time the manufacturer releases a new product. But when another model comes off the production line, that demonstrator will be superfluous to use and will find its way into the second-hand market instead.

Finding Their Way to Market

While some dealers will try to sell the vehicle themselves, others will pass the old stock onto a used car dealer instead. So, you could find such a vehicle in these locations and may want to consider buying one once you understand what is involved.

Benefiting from Lack of Use

The first thing to note is the odometer. The vehicle should not have covered so many kilometres as it will have been used for short, round-trip journeys from the dealership. Secondly, have a look at the condition, both inside and outside. In almost every case, it'll be good, as the dealer would want to create the best impression and would have taken steps to maintain and valet the vehicle regularly.

Buying Something Loaded

Of course, you will have to buy the vehicle as it is and won't be able to specify individual add-ons. However, you'll probably find that this vehicle is well equipped or "loaded", as they sometimes say in the trade. After all, the salesperson would want to show off the vehicle's capabilities to an aspiring buyer.

Avoiding Depreciation

When you buy a vehicle such as this, you won't have to deal with all that depreciation. So, you'll be able to get a nearly new car that may well have all the bells and whistles and have been well looked after during its short life.

Shopping for Your Ideal Vehicle

Talk with your used car dealership and see if they have any former demonstrators in stock. You may be able to find exactly what you're looking for without having to fork out a lot of money for something that is brand-new.