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Should You Rent a Car When on Holiday?

If you're planning a holiday anytime soon, no doubt you want to carefully consider every potential expense. One decision to make when it comes to your expenses is whether you should rent a car or rely on public transportation. It's true that many popular tourist destinations will have a reliable bus, trolley, train, or subway system, but there are still some reasons to consider renting a car when on holiday. Note a few of those here, so you can determine the best choice for your travels.

The drive is half the fun

Getting to a particular tourist destination may be part of your holiday plans, but sometimes the drive there and back is half the fun! Having your own car means being able to enjoy detours along the way, so you can stop at an interesting café or art store, or even just pull off the road and take in the countryside or cityscape.

Consider if the areas you'll be visiting and the sights you want to see are in the heart of a city, or will mean a drive through a nice country. You can then note if having your own car, and being able to stop along the way, may actually enhance your overall holiday experience.


One drawback to public transportation is that you're always surrounded by the public when you use it! Even in a taxicab, you are still with a driver who might want to constantly chat. If you're the type of person who appreciates peace and quiet, or if you're travelling with your partner and will want some solitude with him or her, renting a car can offer the privacy you need.


When using public transportation, your safety might also be at risk. A tourist is often a prime target for pickpockets and thieves, as tourists and travellers often have their smart phones out and at the ready for photographs. Browsing local souvenir shops can also easily identify you as a tourist, and pickpockets may actually follow you onto a bus or subway car, knowing that you might have a wallet or handbag stuffed full of holiday cash! The backpack you take with you to tour the outback, or the shoulder bag you need for a beach day, can also be easily stolen by a quick-moving thief, who is off a bus or subway car before you can catch up! To keep yourself and your belongings safe, opt for a car that keeps you away from such persons, and in which you can store your items securely.