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The Parts of a Custom Exhaust System: A Guide

You may think that a custom exhaust is a luxury that only those with high-end cars should consider. However, a custom exhaust can help to improve the fuel efficiency of any vehicle, as well as reducing your car's impact on the environment. Below is a guide to various parts which make up a custom exhaust system.

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold forms the basis of your custom exhaust system. This framework joins the cylinder heads with the rest of the components of the exhaust.


The intercooler acts as a heat exchanger and cools the air before it enters the engine. Cool air is denser than warm air, which means it can provide more oxygen molecules to the engine. An increased oxygen level in the combustion chamber results in better engine performance.

Oxygen Sensor

This device is usually located in the exhaust manifold. The oxygen sensor measures the oxygen levels in the exhaust gases. This data is constantly fed back to the engine's CPU unit so that the system can determine the correct amount of fuel which needs to be added in order to create the correct mixture of oxygen and fuel in the combustion chamber. When the engine is burning the correct fuel/air mix, it offers maximum fuel efficiency and increased mileage.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter can be found in the central section of the manifold. The job of the catalytic converter is to convert the carbon monoxide gas produced by the engine into carbon dioxide and water. The catalytic converter does this using a special honeycomb structure. This honeycomb structure is covered in a chemical catalyst which triggers the conversion of the gases.


The muffler helps to reduce the level of noise produced by the exhaust system. When in operation, the exhaust system vibrates at a high rate due to the hot gases which are travelling through it. The muffler, which is a tube of fibre glass that surrounds the exhaust, acts like the silencer on the barrel of a gun and absorbs sound waves to reduce the noise produced by the exhaust.

Exhaust Pipe

The final part of a custom exhaust system is the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe carries the hot gas produced by the engine to the exterior of the car. 

If you would like information about the benefits of installing a custom exhaust system, you should contact an auto shop in your area today.