Bought a Caravan? Make Sure You're Ready Before You Set Off on Holiday

So you've decided to take the plunge and buy your first caravan. Excited, you immediately start planning a trip, deciding where you're going to go, where you'll be able to park up and sleep, and what you'll do while you're there. You go shopping for all the things you'll need for your new home on wheels: plates and cutlery, bedding, and all the gadgets and appliances you need for total comfort.

Three Automatic Transmission Problems You May Notice

Cars with automatic transmission systems are popular because they don't require the driver to do a lot while driving. However, these systems can develop defects that can affect the ability of the car to perform as expected. This article discusses some of those problems that may develop in the automatic transmission system of your car. Gears Fail to Engage Have you ever moved the gear lever from "park" to "drive", and your car didn't respond as expected?

Needed Car Service You Don't Want to Ignore

As a car owner, you may overlook signs that your car needs service and repairs if you can still drive the car and don't feel it's a danger when on the road. However, this can be a mistake, as some needed repairs can easily get worse over time, making the repair bills more expensive; those needed repairs can also start to affect other major parts and components of the vehicle so that they also begin to break down.